Level I 

Level I is a beginner level for school age kids.  These classes will open with a fun warm-up stretch, which will teach them the importance of flexibility. They will learn basic gymnastics skills. Progression and lead-ups are the key factors at this level.  Some of the basic skills they will learn include: cartwheels, handstands, bridges, pull-overs, cast, balancing skills, running, jumping, leaping, agility movements and ofcourse FUN!

Level II 

The Level II classes are still based on the same format and structure as Level I. Level II are considered more of a beginner/intermediate level where gymnastics skills will increase in difficulty, with continued emphasis on safety. In addition to perfecting level I skills, they will also be working on round-offs, bridge kick-overs, and slightly more advanced jumping, leaping, agility movements and ofcourse FUN!

Level III

The Level III is an intermediate level that will continue to build on the foundation of the skills mastered in Level I and II.  Level II classes will begin to add "flight" to some of the skills they have obtained.  The kids will learn back and front handspring drills, jumping to handstands, leaps, straddle jumps, agility movements and ofcourse FUN!